Bookmarks: Couponing

Two years ago I went through an intense couponing phase. It was a lot of fun and I was very successful with it. Laundry detergent for pennies, free toothpaste, super cheap cosmetics. There were frustrations, though. I got really upset each time I made a “mistake” – like my printer malfunctioned and I couldn’t print the right number of coupons, or something didn’t scan right and I didn’t save the max amount that I could. It was a little stressful and honestly it led to a lot of waste. I would buy things I didn’t need or too many things to reasonably store. So gradually the phase wore off.

The question is, do I plan to go back? Have I given up couponing completely?

I have 20+ couponing articles or sites bookmarked. The highlights:

  • How to save on ink. My printer refuses to use refilled or generic ink cartridges. Therefore, I save by buying branded but unboxed ink cartridges off of eBay. Delete.
  • Posts of old deals. Delete.
  • Couponing and tax-deductible donations. Since I’m never planning to extreme coupon again, this won’t really apply to me. Delete.
  • Couponing blogs. Because evidently the two that I already follow weren’t enough? Delete.
  • Store-specific couponing tips. Not anything earth-shattering or difficult to remember. Delete. [Note: this is very different from store-specific coupon policies. Those are important.]
  • Healthy couponing tips, several of them. Basically, pick good stores, buy in bulk, print off organic coupons etc. Some of these tips become second nature (in your memory, at least) once you’ve couponed for a while. Delete.
  • Coupon clipping service website. Nah, that’s okay. Delete.

Turns out, there may be a few couponing bookmarks that I’m going to keep. To be continued.