New City Catechism – Week #1

This summer, our women’s bible study is going through the New City Catechism. I’m not sure when I first learned what “catechism” is. It definitely was not a feature of the church I grew up in, but I think I must have been introduced to the term at some time in high school or college, probably in reference to the Westminster Catechism or Roman Catholic catechism.

Catechism is like an introductory crash course in systematic theology. Here you find all the key doctrines that the Bible teaches are necessary for the Christian faith. What an immensely valuable tool. Would our evangelism be more effective if it involved training such as this? I think so.

We began this week with the first two questions. I encourage you to take a look:

1. What is our only hope in life and death?

So often the gospel message is presented as hope for death – believe in Christ because then you’ll be saved from death. But what about life? How can Christianity possibly catch our attention if it doesn’t also provide hope for the living?

2. What is God?

One of the ladies brought up the question, “Why isn’t the question ‘Who is God’ instead of ‘What is God’?” Great question! It is really odd to our Christianized ears to hear God termed a “what” and that’s because we already know Him to be personal and knowable – someone we can love and have a relationship with. But all people don’t know that. They aren’t even sure a god exists, let alone what god is. What good news to hear that He is infinite and yet also immanent (in our midst, approachable).