New City Catechism – Week #4

7. What does the law of God require?

The Law of God is similar to wedding vows in that there are expectations built into the covenant relationship. We often think of expectations as bad things, as unjust constrictions or demands. But every agreement comes with them – you do this and I will do that. When you wed, you vow to love and honor in any situation. If you don’t, you have broken your vow and the covenant relationship is hurt. When God desired to establish covenant relationship with the Israelites, the Law served as the vows. He vowed to redeem and bless them and they vowed to obey His commands.

8. What is the law of God stated in the Ten Commandments?

Two questions came to my mind while looking at this question in the Catechism. I’ll link below what I find to be very helpful answers.

  1. What is the difference between the first and second commandments? See New City Catechism Question and Answer #9. (Sometimes it’s beneficial to look ahead.) Summary: The first command is to recognize God as the one true God. The second command is to worship Him properly. Many other cultures would create idols of their gods to worship. Sometimes the things that we do or make to aid us in our worship are false images of God and break His commands.
  2. Is it lawful for us to call Sunday the Sabbath? See Douglas Wilson, “Sabbath Rest.” I find his list of six evidences very helpful.