New City Catechism – Week #7

I was out of town last weekend, so there is no post about last week’s study on Question #11 (What does God require in the sixth, seventh, and eighth commandments?) and Question #12 (What does God require in the ninth and tenth commandments?).

13. Can anyone keep the law of God perfectly?

I’m most convicted of this truth – that no, we can’t keep God’s law perfectly – when I examine my attitudes about things. I may say or do the right thing in lots of situations, but it usually is more from habit, pride, or fear than from righteousness. Without the Spirit, anything good things I do “are like a polluted garment” (Isaiah 64:6, ESV).

14. Did God create us unable to keep his law?

Without Christ, our inheritance is that of sin. Our father Adam, the originally perfect representative for us all, chose with Eve to transgress God’s law. Ever since then, we have been enslaved to a corrupt nature that desires transgression. Christ, our new, eternally perfect representative, through His perfect obedience and sacrifice has bought for us a new inheritance – that of life in the Spirit. Our new inheritance is righteousness and peace. Only when we live by the new inheritance of the Spirit rather than by the old inheritance of sin can we fulfill God’s law.