2 Great Pep Talks for Latin

Every Latin educator has their “elevator speech” for why someone would want to study Latin. And with the growth of classical Christian education and its marketing there have been lots of articles, blog posts, and videos posted about why Latin is important. These are valuable to read if you are just starting to consider Latin as a subject for yourself or your child, but they are also helpful for motivation when the task of learning gets challenging. Here are two I’ve really appreciated:

1. The serious:

At The Imaginative Conservative, Michael De Sapio sums up the most significant reasons for learning Latin with emphasis on what, in my opinion, is one of the most compelling reasons to learn Latin:

Even if the more arcane, classical culture is forgotten, Latin still has an indelible connection with Christian thought and worship, and Christians live by the divine promise that the church will not be destroyed.

Amen! Latin has been a key method of communication through so much of the Western Church’s history, so let’s be vigilant in not losing this key to our heritage.

2. The serious, yet not-so-serious:

This video squeezes in all of the normal talking points about the value of Latin while focusing on some of the key things that I know I personally gained from Latin study.

Note: This is not meant as an endorsement of Classical Conversations (the creator of this video).

Do you have any go-to articles or videos that you recommend for those considering Latin? If you do, share them with me!