Gregory’s Seven Laws of Teaching: A Blog-Through

I’ve seen John Milton Gregory’s Seven Laws of Teaching recommended several times on reading lists for classical educators. I bought a copy and began reading it a year or so ago and didn’t get past the first few chapters before succumbing to major guilt: “I’m a horrible teacher!” Nothing like reading a list of all the ways I was doing things wrong to motivate me! Now, that was obviously my fixed mindset talking.

A few months ago I picked it back up again in my desire to get better. This time, with just a change in attitude, I loved the book. My copy is now full of book-darted quotes and passages. Now, to further my gleaning of the material and to work out how to apply the material to my teaching practice, I plan to work back through these marked passages here in some blog posts.

In going back through the material, I’m particularly interested in considering how these laws apply to:

  1. Teaching Latin (my main discipline),
  2. Teaching in the homeschool, and
  3. Teaching online (as so many teachers are having to do in this moment in time).

Join me as I blog through these chapters and wrestle with these ideas. I personally prefer to read hard copies and have the Canon Press edition, but you can also find a free digital copy here.