Thanks for joining me here! I’m a wife, mom, and Latin teacher currently interested in developing resources and support for classical education moms to learn Latin so they can:

  • enrich their own lives,
  • facilitate their children’s success in learning Latin, and
  • help cultivate communities that reap the riches of Latin literacy.

Whether you’re a Latin teacher, a mom wanting to give your children a classical education (in the home or school), or just someone curious about Latin, welcome! Feel free to ask questions in blog post comments.

I first started learning Latin in high school and, after graduating as a homeschooler, continued that study in college, completing a double-major in Classics and Mathematics. I spent a year doing graduate study in the History and Philosophy of Science before moving to Ohio and getting married. My time is now spent mothering our little ones and teaching Latin at a local classical Christian school.

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Curriculum I originally learned Latin with:

Curriculum I have taught in the past:

Curriculum I am currently using in my classroom: